How to Look Up a Mutual Fund CUSIP

A Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures – or CUSIP – number is used primarily by industry professionals to identify clearances and settlements for a particular investment. Each CUSIP is a unique nine-digit number belonging to a particular security. Because of its individual identification property, you can search for a mutual fund by the CUSIP number, or obtain the CUSIP number through reverse searches.

Step 1

Navigate to a website that provides full mutual fund details, such as QuantumOnline, CUSIP Global Services or Fidelity Investments. Some sites are free and others require a paid membership to receive security details.

Step 2

Enter your search criteria. You can search by mutual fund name, the ticker symbol or the CUSIP.

Step 3

Review results. Your results often include comprehensive data about the mutual fund. If you search by name or symbol, the information sheet for the fund you search should show the CUSIP. If you search by CUSIP, the information sheet discloses the ticker symbol. You can also view other details, such as corporate data, current trade prices and historical performance.

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