How to Look Up Stocks Based on Price

By: Jackie Lohrey

Current prices can be a starting point for stock market analysis.

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Price is often a prime consideration when implementing an investment strategy. Funds on hand determine whether you can invest in a stock, how many shares your dollars will buy and may indicate a need to reallocate stocks you already own in order to free up money. Looking up stocks based on price can show you what is available in your price range and either satisfy your curiosity or provide a starting point for further research and analysis.


Step 1

Enter the term “Stock Screener” in your favorite Internet search engine. This is an interactive tool for identifying stocks that fit specific criteria such as price. Expect to see a variety of free screeners on sites such as MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal.

Step 2

Review the available screeners and find one that suits your needs. Some such as the MarketWatch screener are quite simple while others such as the screener on the Wall Street Journal site provide a variety of “search by price” options.

Step 3

Enter your search criteria and start the search. You may, depending on the site you choose, be able to enter criteria such as a straight price range, a price range based on percentage -- increase or decrease – within a specific time period or a price based on trading volumes on the opening screen. Others may require that you first select a category – “Base” or “Share Data” are both good choices -- and then define specific criteria such as “Closing Price,” “Price Increase/Decrease” or “Earnings Per Share.”

Step 4

Customize how you will view results, if applicable, and see a list of stocks that match your search criteria. For example, if you are using the MarketWatch screener you have 12 customization options. If you choose the Wall Street Journal, the screen defaults to a display that includes only the ticker symbol and company name.

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  • Stock screeners can provide a variety of information in addition to searching by price. Play with the scanner to uncover additional ways you can use it to your benefit.


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