How to Find Mutual Fund Symbols

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Mutual funds offer diversification and an investment managed by licensed professionals.

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A mutual fund is a select group of securities bundled together, given a name and then marketed as a publicly traded investment product per the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mutual funds are named in order to easily identify the fund's goals and risks, its fee structure and the company that manages the fund. Because of the length and variety of names that mutual funds have, each fund also has its own unique symbol used to identify it during trading. Mutual fund symbols can be found easily using quick research techniques.

Step 1

Write down the name of the mutual fund. Mutual fund names begin with the family or company name the fund belongs to and can be followed by words that describe the fund. For example, Vanguard and Fidelity are family fund names. Dividend growth, convertible securities and emerging markets are descriptors used to further identify a mutual fund.

Step 2

Read through the fund's official website to see if the symbol is mentioned there. Fund websites often place the ticker symbol on the site's home page. The site might also contain a prospectus for each fund that outlines details about the fund, including its unique symbol.

Step 3

Enter the name of the mutual fund into the search function of a financial website that provides stock quotes. Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are all securities that use a unique trading symbol. Financial websites providing this type of search function typically provide results for all types of securities.


  • If you only have the fund company name and not the full name of the mutual fund, type that in the search function. The results should include a list of products, including mutual funds, managed by that company.
  • If you don't know the name of the mutual fund, locate a company on the Web that simply lists the names of mutual funds. Lists like these typically include the full name of the mutual fund, the symbol and a link to further details about the fund.

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