How Should I Mail in HH Bonds for Redemption?

The Treasury will transfer your funds to your bank account.

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The U.S.Treasury hasn't issued HH bonds since the end of August 2004, but the bonds still earn interest until redemption or maturity. The rate is fixed for the first 10 years, after which it changes to a new rate until maturity. Maturity comes 20 years after issue for bonds dated from January 1980 to August 2004. Whether or not your HH bonds have matured, you need a bank's help to redeem them by mail.

Step 1

Download form PDF 5396 on the Treasury Direct website if you don't have direct deposit with the Treasury (see Resources). Print and complete the form.

Step 2

Take your HH bonds to a bank branch, along with government-issued identification and your direct deposit request. Also take proof that you have the right to cash the bonds if you are not listed as one of the owners of the bonds. For example, take proof of power of attorney or proof you are the legal heir.

Step 3

Request that the bank certify your signature to cash the bonds.

Step 4

Ask your bank to mail the bonds and supporting documents to the Treasury Retail Securities Site for your location.


  • The Treasury waits until the next month to cash HH bonds that arrive for redemption a month before interest is due.
  • Call the Minneapolis Treasury Retail Securities site at 800-553-2663 if your local bank can't help cash your HH bonds.
  • For federal tax purposes, report the twice-yearly interest on HH bonds in the tax year in which it's earned.


  • The value of HH bonds received in exchange for EE/E bonds often includes deferred interest. You must pay federal income tax on this amount when you cash the bonds. The Treasury will send a 1099-INT form showing the amount to report on your income taxes.

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