How to Turn in Matured US Savings Bonds

By: D. Laverne O'Neal

Back in the day, redeeming savings bonds required taking the paper bonds to a bank and requesting their redemption value in cash. Though a certain comfort lies in exchanging one form of paper for another, today a seamless, more "green" electronic process is in place. You can now redeem U.S. savings bonds via the Treasury Department's TreasuryDirect website. Once your bonds mature, the funds automatically appear in your TreasuryDirect account.


Step 1

Visit the TreasuryDirect website and log in to your account, or create an account if you haven't already established one.

Step 2

Select "transfer funds" at your account page. This initiates the process of transferring the matured bond value to the bank account linked to your TreasuryDirect account.

Step 3

Check your online bank account page to confirm the funds were transferred. It may take one to three business days to complete the transfer. You can also contact your bank by phone to confirm the transaction was completed.

In Person

Step 1

Find a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, that cashes Series EE, E or II bonds. You cannot redeem Series HH bonds at a financial institution.

Step 2

Take your paper bonds to the teller or customer service person. Ask to have the bonds cashed.

Step 3

Count the cash to be sure you have received the correct value.


  • If you do not already have a TreasuryDirect account, it is easy to open one by following the online prompts. You will need your Social Security number, as well as the account and bank routing number of a checking or savings account to link to your TreasuryDirect account. There is no fee to establish a TreasuryDirect account.
  • You can redeem only $1,000 in paper bonds at one time. If the value of your bonds exceeds $1,000, you have to endorse the back of the paper bonds in front of a certifying officer at your bank. Write your Social Security number on the back of each bond, then mail the bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, P.O. Box 214, Minneapolis, MN 55480.
  • You can convert paper bonds to electronic bonds via the TreasuryDirect service, SmartExchange. Making the conversion will allow you to access the value of your bonds online and avoid the $1,000 redemption limit that is in place for paper bonds.


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