Where to Find Proof of IRS Tax Lien Payment

To obtain a loan, you will have to show proof that you paid your federal tax lien.

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If you fail to pay an outstanding tax debt, the Internal Revenue Service will file a tax lien against your property. A tax lien allows the IRS to secure or requisition your property in order to secure payment. Once you pay the debt, the IRS will release the lien within 30 days and send you a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien. If you did not receive the release after 30 days and need proof of your payment, contact the IRS.

Step 1

Download a copy of Publication 1450 from the IRS website.

Step 2

Make a copy of each Notice of Federal Tax Lien you received and proof that you paid off the debt. A copy of a canceled check or receipt from the IRS is sufficient proof.

Step 3

Write a letter to the IRS requesting a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien. Explain that you have paid off the tax debt and would like proof that the lien is no longer in effect. Include your name, address, telephone number and the date of your request.

Step 4

Mail the request, proof of payment and copies of each Notice of Federal Tax Lien to the IRS. Refer to Publication 1450 to locate the correct mailing address, which is determined by your state of residence.


  • You can also contact the IRS at 800-913-6050 to make the request.
  • A Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien is sufficient proof to show creditors that you paid the federal tax debt.
  • An unpaid tax lien will remain on your credit report for 15 years. A paid lien will remain for seven years.
  • Because a tax lien affects your credit significantly, it might be difficult to obtain a loan even though you have proof the debt was paid.

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