How to Find Out How Much Your Shares Are Worth

By: D. Laverne O'Neal

A computer and a calculator can help you discover portfolio value.

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Day-to-day stock price fluctuations can cause panic in the most stable of souls. Even if you're not obsessive about monitoring your investments, it's a good idea to check in on their progress at least every few months. Although you can get real-time stock quotes during the trading day, by the time you finish calculating the total value of your shares, the stock prices might have shifted. Waiting until the end of the trading day to check quotes is advisable.

Step 1

Type the stock symbol into a search engine query box. Alternatively, you can search for the stock at a stock exchange, brokerage or company site.

Step 2

Multiply the stock value by the number of shares you own. Repeat this process for every company in which you own stock.

Step 3

Add together the company stock value figures to arrive at the total value of the shares in your portfolio.


  • You can also get stock prices via text message, telephone or by way of smartphone app.
  • If you are averse to the Internet, you can find stock values as of the end of the previous trading day in most urban newspapers.


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