How do I Delete Stocks From Yahoo Widget Finance?

The Yahoo finance widget makes it easy to check your stocks and market indices.

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Yahoo's free finance widget is a small application that runs on your computer desktop and provides real-time stock prices, options, indexes, funds and other financial data. The widget is fully customizable -- it is up to you to decide which stocks and other financial data you want it to track. When you no longer want to monitor a specific stock using the widget, you can delete the stock from the widget with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

Step 1

Locate the Yahoo widget toolbar on your desktop screen. Click on the Yahoo Finance widget icon in this toolbar to open up the widget's screen.

Step 2

Click on the "add/edit symbols" button on the bottom left of the widget's screen. This button is a small white circle with a gray "+" sign in it. A list of all the stocks your widget is tracking will appear on the widget's screen.

Step 3

Find the stock you want to delete from your widget's list of stocks. Locate the square button with an "x" in it next to the name of the stock you want to delete, and then click on that button to remove the stock from your widget.