How to Look Up Mutual Fund Ticker Symbols

By: Bryan Keythman

Use mutual fund ticker symbols when checking prices or buying shares.

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A ticker symbol is a single letter or group of letters that designate a particular security, such as a stock or mutual fund. Mutual fund ticker symbols typically have five letters and end in “X.” Because mutual fund providers sometimes offer multiple funds with similar names, it is important to know a fund’s correct ticker symbol when looking up its price or placing a trade to avoid confusion. Mutual fund providers typically list their funds’ ticker symbols on their website, but you can also get them from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.

Mutual Fund Company’s Website

Step 1

Visit the mutual fund provider’s website.

Step 2

Click “Mutual Funds” or a similarly-named link to navigate to the mutual funds section of the website. This link might be listed among the provider’s other investment products, such as exchange-traded funds or annuities.

Step 3

Click the type of mutual fund you desire, such as stock funds or bond funds, to bring up a list or table of those funds the provider offers. Alternatively, click the “View All Funds” link to pull up the provider’s entire roster of funds.

Step 4

Find the mutual fund on the list and identify its ticker symbol. The provider might show each fund’s ticker symbol in a separate column or in parentheses next to the fund’s name. For example, if a provider shows a hypothetical mutual fund as “Domestic Stock Fund (ABCDX),” the fund’s ticker symbol is ABCDX.

SEC Website

Step 1

Visit the SEC’s mutual fund search website.

Step 2

Type the name of the specific mutual fund you desire in the text box labeled “Mutual Fund.” Alternatively, type the fund provider’s name in the text box to pull up all of the mutual funds the provider has registered with the SEC.

Step 3

Click “Fund Search” to view the mutual funds.

Step 4

Find the mutual fund in the name column and identify its ticker symbol in the far-right column.


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