How to Complete a Stock Certificate

The reverse side of a stock certificate includes a fill-in form.

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Stock certificates are not as common as they once were. However, if you have one that you want to transfer to a brokerage, you have to fill out the back of the certificate. The back has blank lines or spaces that clearly indicate the type of data to be filled in. How much information you have to provide can vary by institution. Generally, you do not have to fill in all the blanks on the back of the certificate.

Step 1

Look at the spelling of your name on the front of the certificate. You must endorse the back with the exact same spelling.

Step 2

Sign your name in the appropriate space on the back of the form.

Step 3

Write or type in the name of the brokerage to which you are transferring the certificate. This ensures that the brokerage can negotiate the certificate.