How to Change the Beneficiary on Series EE Bonds

You can add a beneficiary from your Series EE savings bond.

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Instead of having your Series EE savings bond tied up in probate after you die, you can list a beneficiary on the bond. Ownership on a bond that lists a beneficiary is transferred to the beneficiary immediately after your death, allowing the beneficiary to cash in the bond at any time. If you bought the Series EE bond online through the Treasury Direct website as an electronic savings bond, you can change the beneficiary through your online account. If your Series EE bond is a paper bond, you have to mail a request to the Department of the Treasury.

Step 1

Download Form PD F 4000 from the Treasury Direct website.

Step 2

Use the information on your Series EE savings bond to fill in the top part of Form PD F 4000.

Step 3

Check the box labeled "Beneficiary (POD)," and enter the name of the new beneficiary in the following field. If you forget to check the box, the Department of Treasury will assume that the name listed is the bond's co-owner.

Step 4

Enter "Change the Name of a Living Beneficiary" in the "Reason for Reissue" section.

Step 5

Take your driver's license or state I.D. and Form PD F 4000 to a bank to have your signature notarized. Sign the form in front of the certifying officer, who will then sign and stamp Form PD F 4000.

Step 6

Mail the Series EE bond and Form PD F 4000 to the address listed on the last page of the form.