How to Register for Domestic Partnership Benefits in New York State

Apply for NYC domestic partnership to gain certain spousal rights.

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A domestic partnership is a legal arrangement that commits two people to one another. New York City allows both same sex and traditional couples to register for domestic partnerships. Since July 2011, New York state has also allowed same sex marriages. However, domestic partnerships do not acquire the same rights and benefits as married couples. In particular, domestic partnerships do not get the state income tax benefits, insurance policy benefits and other rights. However, domestic partners still get hospital sick visitation rights, apartment occupancy rights and spousal benefits of city workers.

Step 1

Ensure you meet all of the requirements to become a domestic partnership. Requirements include: Both partners are over 18; you live at the same address; you live in New York City or are an NYC city worker; neither of you is in another domestic partnership or marriage.

Step 2

Pick up an affidavit from one of the City Clerk's office locations or download the affidavit from the City Clerk's online resource.

Step 3

Complete the affidavit affirming all of the conditions in Step 1 and appear at the City Clerk office with your domestic partner.

Step 4

Pay the registration fee by credit card or money order made out to the City Clerk. At publication date, the fee is $35.

Step 5

Sign the affidavit and have it notarized at the City Clerk office.