How to Buy Stock for Grandchild Without Opening a Broker Account

By: D. Laverne O'Neal

Getting the young ones interested in investing can be a tall order. An excellent way to accomplish this is to give the gift of stock. Just a few shares of companies that are meaningful to a grandchild can help ignite an interest in how capital markets function. Those contemplating buying stock for a child might believe opening a dedicated brokerage account is the only avenue, but other options are available.

Step 1

Look online for companies that sell single-share stock certificates. Many, such as and, are targeted to consumers who are buying for children, offering stock in such companies as Disney, Mattel and Hershey's, among others.

Step 2

Choose a company or companies to buy. In addition to toy and food stocks, you might find a company that reflects a child's favorite hobby or activity. Sports, fashion or technology concerns might suit your grandchild.

Step 3

Choose desired extras. Single-share companies offer stock certificate framing and plaque engraving services, as well as gift wrapping and educational tools.

Step 4

Make your purchase at the checkout page with a credit or debit card.


  • Stock certificates may take up to eight weeks to arrive. Some single-share companies offer to mail a free package of fun printed material to your grandchild as pre-notification of the stock gift.


  • If you are penny pincher, single-stock companies might turn your stomach. In addition to the cost of the stock, the companies charge a certificate fee of about $39. If you do want to frame the certificate, the charge is $55 to $600. In the end, you could wind up paying more than double the price of the stock.


About the Author

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