How to Change Ownership of EE Savings Bonds

U.S. savings bonds have traditionally been given as gifts.

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U.S. Treasury EE savings bonds are the U.S. savings bonds that are often advertised and commonly sold through banks. These low-risk savings bonds are also easy to transfer to a new owner for any reason. The bond is actually reissued rather than changed, and all that a present bondholder must do is fill out a form and mail it to the U.S. Treasury. The form, which is available online or by mail, requires signatures of any co-owners, and all signatures must be verified by a registered bond broker or representative of a financial institution.

Visit TreasuryDirect

Launch the TreasuryDirect website in any Web browser. Click on "Forms" and then navigate to the "Savings Bonds Forms Ordering" page and click the "Reissue Forms" link. A list of forms will appear.

Use FS Form 4000

Scroll down to form number FS Form 4000 and click the PDF link to access the form.Print the form out and fill it out by hand. You can use one form for up to three bonds that you need changed to the same new owner, and make sure to fill out the correct issue date, face amount and Social Security number. The face amount of bonds that you purchased may not be the same amount you paid for the bonds, as older EE bonds were sold for half of the maturity, or face, value.

Get the Form Certified

Take the filled-out form to a bank or a brokerage office and sign it in front of an authorized employee. Bring any co-owners with you to sign it in person as well. Make sure the employee affixes a seal or stamp to the form and that he fills out the parts of the form beginning with "I Certify" for each owner that signs the form.

Submit the Form

Send the completed FS Form 4000 along with the bonds and any evidence you have to support your claims to Treasury Retail Securities Site, PO Box 214, Minneapolis, MN 55480-0214. Make sure you retain a copy of any documents you send, as the originals you submit will not be returned to you. If you have any questions about the form or how to submit it, call 844-284-2676.

Paper replacement bonds are no longer issued; however, you will receive a notification when the replacement electronic bond has been issued. You'll be able to review information on the replacement bond by opening an account on the TreasuryDirect website if you don't already have one.

Additional Options

As an alternative to downloading Form FS Form 4000, you can have the form mailed to you. On the "Savings Bonds Forms Ordering" page, select the number of forms you want to receive by mail by using the pull-down menu in the left-hand column of the form listing. Fill out your name and address at the bottom of the forms page and click the "Order" button. The form should arrive by mail within a few days.

Taxes on Interest

Check with your accountant or tax adviser to find out how much you'll need to pay in taxes. When you give up ownership of a savings bond, you are required to report the interest on your yearly tax form.