How to Recover Lost Bonds With the US Treasury

The U.S. Treasury will replace lost savings bonds.

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If you lose a U.S. Treasury bond, no worries. The Treasury has a system in place for replacing savings bonds to their registered owners, depending on whether you lost the bond after it was in your possession or you ordered the bond but never received it. You can opt to receive a replacement bond or receive the proceeds of the bond if it meets redemption criteria.

Step 1

Call the institution from where you bought the bond if you conclude that you’ve lost the bond before receiving delivery of it. Provide all purchase information for the bond and ask the institution to trace the bond to determine why you never received it. If the institution can’t locate the bond, request a claim form from the institution to get replacement of the missing bond. Fill it out and return it to the institution to file on your behalf.

Step 2

Contact your employer if you purchased a bond through a Payroll Savings Plan and never received it. After your employer tries to track the bond to determine what happened, ask for a claim form to request a replacement. You can’t file a claim until 30 days after the printing date on the bond. Return the completed claim form to your employer to file on your behalf.

Step 3

Complete U.S. Treasury Form 1048 E to file a claim for the lost savings bond. The form includes information such as the issue date of the bond, the face amount, the bond number and any inscriptions on the bond, such as Social Security number or address. Describe the details of the loss – did you lose it, was it stolen or was it destroyed in some way? Indicate your authority to complete the claim by stating that your name appears on the bond or that you have some other legal authority – parent, conservator, administrator, executor or legal representative. Choose whether you want a new bond issued or whether you want to receive payment by check or direct deposit. Provide a mailing address for the replacement bond or the payment or direct deposit information. Sign the form, date it and mail it to the U.S. Treasury.