Can You Track Down a Savings Bond Using a Serial Number?

A serial number is all you need to get information about bonds you own.

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When you hold a collection of savings bonds for a number of years, you can have trouble keeping track of the bonds you have and bonds you've already redeemed. The federal government makes it simple to track down a savings bond using a serial number. As long as you have this identification number, you can contact the Treasury Department to inquire about the status of the bond.

Step 1

Write a request for information about a series I savings bond. Include your full name, address and the serial number of the bond. Provide your contact information – including telephone number and email address -- for the Treasury Department to contact you about the bond. Sign and date the request. Mail the request to “Bureau of the Public Debt, P.O. Box 7012, Parkersburg, WV, 26106-7012.”

Step 2

Write a request for information about a series EE savings bond. Include your complete contact information and the serial number of the bond. Sign and date the request and mail it to "Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, P.O. Box 214, Minneapolis, MN 55480." Inquire by telephone for EE bonds by calling (800) 553-2663.

Step 3

Use the Treasury Direct Savings Bond Calculator to track details about paper EE, E and I savings bonds. This tool works if you have other details about the bond in addition to the serial number, such as denomination and issue date. Enter the values about the bond into the fields and click "Calculate.” The tool will return search results about the bond. Save results from the savings bond calculator by clicking “Save” after receiving information about the bond. Name the bond and save the file on your hard drive. When you access the file later, open it and choose “return to savings bond calculator” from the available menu items. Your Web browser will display current data about the bond.

Step 4

Visit the Treasury Direct website to utilize an email tool for information about electronic I and EE savings bonds. Enter your name, email address and place the serial number in the message box of the form. You will receive an email from the Treasury Direct.


  • As long as you’re the owner or co-owner of the bond, with your name appearing on the front of the bond, you can contact the Treasury Department to track down the bond.

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