How to Change a Name on a Mutual Fund Account

Be prepared to provide court documents to prove a name change.

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Investment advice varies from one expert to the next. But they all seem to agree that diversification -- distributing your capital among different money-growing options -- is the best way to get the best return for your money. Mutual funds seek to help you to do just that by providing a number of choices under one investment account. If you need to change a name on a mutual fund account, follow a few simple rules.

Step 1

Ask the institution that keeps your mutual fund account for information on how to update your name for its records. The rules might differ from one company to the next. For one company, a letter signed by you might suffice. Another might require court documentation of a name change.

Step 2

Prepare the required documentation to make the name change effective. You might have to fill out a form the mutual fund company provides or simply send its office a written request. Fill in all the blanks on forms and sign and date any letters you write.

Step 3

Follow the company’s instructions to file the name change document with its office. You might be able to send it by fax or email, or you might have to mail a hard copy. Regardless of the method you use, contact the mutual fund within a few weeks to verify that your request went through.